Committees can make this summer special

Most of the time, the laity want to do, “the right thing.”

  • This often gets translated into, “not breaking anything.”

And, this is all good because you really do not want laity wanting to do the wrong thing.

  • But, what I wish that we would realize is that things are already broken.

I know that things look fine because the people that we know who usually come out on Sundays still do.

  • And, it feels like everything is okay because our giving is steady.

Still, should we not ask if this is it? Is stability what Jesus sought to establish – on a weekly gathering rhythm?

  • If we get no more, is it fine that it is just us four?

As we continue in times of uncertainty, it is certainly noble for us to keep the lights on and the show going.

  • What I also wonder, though, is how special this summer of 2023 can be compared to the other summers our churches have had?

– James J. Kang
Maker of The Quadrilateral