What We Do

The Quadrilateral shows church committees how to make better decisions.

Most committees make “middle-of-the-road” decisions. Whenever difficulty arises, they resort to keeping things the same, following activists, or what feels theologically right – because it’s the safest choice.

But, none of those these typical committee behaviors actually get the church towards a better future. So, what can committees do and where can they go for different results?

Our Services

We offer two main services:

Consultation – We interpret a committee’s behavior over a period of time, along with that of the church as a whole. Then, we present our findings and recommendations as to how to develop the committee for better decisions.

Simulation – We provide a space – a “Sandbox” (as explained below) – where committees can practice and grow their collective decision-making skills.

Our Methodology

Through our, “Sandbox Method,” church committees can honestly explore difficult decisions, before they have to make them.

We believe that any good decision from church committees requires digital, diversity, and the dreams of the community to have been taken into account.

The Sandbox Method is a means of creating an environment of practicing making difficult decisions and then learning from the experience to improve process and results.

The method impacts a committee’s:

  • Identity – Believing that, “who we are,” is in process and ever-changing, not a set of theological beliefs or historical precedent.
  • Communication – Saying what we mean to say, not just what we think that we need to say.
  • Courage – Engaging in conflicting opinions to build the whole, not to win and make losers.
  • Creativity – Seeing decisions in steps to try and adjust, not as all-at-once.
  • Strategy – Understanding what leads to what, instead of why this is good or bad.


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